The Squared Business Bootcamp 2023 will be held on May8th through the 12th at Station Square. Early registration until April 1st. $500 before April 1st and $800 after. For more information please contact Lisa at 208-223-4723. 


All-In-One Business Boot Camp

The Squared Business Boot Camp will cover all aspects of starting and running a successful business.  

Start your Business In One Week

It will take commitment but you will be able to form a fully functioning business from Monday to Friday.


Every day you will be mentored by successful business and community leaders whose experience and knowhow will be invaluable.   

Business Mindset

What is your purpose and is it connected to your passion? What are the fears and obstacles in between you and success.


Welcome to the Squared Business Boot Camp. The world is changing at a rapid pace and having an entrepreneurial mindset will give you an advantage in this difficult environment. Squared Co-Working wants to help make your idea, business, or product a reality! Even if you just have an idea in your head or are working on new project, Squared Co-Working can help. During the course you will develop skills, form strategies, generate tools, and gain knowledge to help you in your business endeavors.

Starting and growing a business can feel very lonely especially when you lack a source of motivation, inspiration, and support.

Business mentors can help bridge the gap and be an invaluable resource. Statistics show small businesses are more likely to succeed when they have a mentor. During the Squared Business Boot Camp, mentors will teach, motivate, problem solve, and collaborate to help keep your business moving forward. Participants will be given opportunities to push creativity, progress forward, and support each other. 

At the end of the program, you will be given the opportunity to present your pitch at the Squared Investors Conference.

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Squared Owner

Lisa Brian

Lisa is the proud mother of four beautiful children and two grandchildren. Lisa was a teacher for 17 years and is now a life coach and business owner. It is Lisa’s passion to help others excel in life and become the best version of themselves. Lisa is co-own the Squared Co-Working Space and works to connect small business owners with mentors and other resources. In 2017 Lisa was Pocatello Volunteer of the year and in 2018 Lisa was Pocatello Advocate of the Year. Lisa wants to support and encourage people to increase their skills and build the best life possible.

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Boot Camp Details

  • 01 - The Camp

  • 02 - Training

  • 03 - Personalized Mentoring

  • 04 - Funding Pitch


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